Open Mouth reading series is a federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Our project is to enrich our community through close contact with poetry and with poets from the larger literary world.

Your donations fund housing and travel costs for visiting poets, and support us in our work toward providing workshops, festivals, retreats, and partnerships with other community organizations.

Thank You

Bob Cole

Hilary Brennan

Bill Rector

Jennifer Powers

Ann Greeott

Canese Jarboe

Michael Scott

Gerry Sloan

Sage McCoy

Aaron Brame

Adam Zorzin

Emma Bolden

Seth Pennington

Marty Cain

Julia Paganelli

Jennifer Vos

Jane Blunschi

M.D. Myers

Laurent Sacharoff

Alessandro Broggi

Burnetta Hinterthuer

Moshe Newmark

Monica Diodati

McKenzie Peery McGee

Ty Schultz

Geoff Brock

Liz Graham

Ann Lewis

Nancy Corwyn

Judy Mandel

Courtney Fund

Sarah M. Walker

Katie McBride

Charlie Masner

Terese & Thomas Brennan-Marquez

Merinda Davis

Pamela Sue Hitchcock

Kody Ford

Nicholas Claro

Chris Tamigi

Jasper Mendoza

Justin Butler

Andy Stroman

Erika Wilhite

Linda Erwin

Sonia Gutierrez

Nani Verzon

Obed Gonzalez

David Brunson

Lisa Marie Evans

Noa Even

Fayetteville A&P Commission

Two Friends Books & Records

And the following University of Arkansas programs:

University of Arkansas Press

The Program in Creative Writing and Translation

King Fahd Center for Middle East Studies

Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education

African and African American Studies

The Honors College

English Department