Writing the I: Giving Our Poems Identity

Poetry Workshop

A Generative Workshop

with Tyree Daye

August 11, 2019

Nightbird Books

Join us for a generative workshop with featured poet Tyree Daye, who writes:


"When I was younger and living in Zebulon, North Carolina during the summer we would visit the local pools in Raleigh. We’d play a game that many have played; we’ d go underwater to see who could hold their breath the longest. Many years later, I realized that this game we played as children has a lot to do with the architecture of a poem and the way we move from Identity to the Subconsciousn where many of our images come from. Workshop Topic: I’ve entitled this workshop: “Writing the I-- Giving Our Poems Identity”. The workshop will be framed around the essay Invisible Architecture (2000) by Barbara Guest and Coming to the “I” by Vievee Francis, an interview with the Indiana Review. The moment the poet comes up for air (consciousness vs subconscious), the poem starts to develop identity. The moment the poet submerges in the subconscious, the images of the poem begin to develop. The poet’s personal narrative and the symbols in the poem frame the structure and emotional connection to images."

Beyond the Rainbow: Writing Towards a Queer Ecopoetics

Poetry Workshop

A Generative Workshop

with Matty Layne Glasgow

November 10, 2019

Nightbird Books

Join us for a poetry workshop with featured poet Matty Layne Glasgow.

Ecopoetics frequently evokes the natural, and thus what society deems moral, appropriate, or pure. How can we as writers subvert centuries of thought that define marginalized identities as unnatural by considering these same ecological systems? In this generative workshop, we’ll read contemporary poets whose work explores both queer identity and environment. We’ll discuss and draft poems that queer ecopoetry in various ways: through the poet’s or speaker's own lens, through knowledge of queer ecological processes, through form and language. Our poems will navigate and celebrate our own truths, as well as the diverse environments we inhabit.

Registration is free, but donations are encouraged. Suggested donation is $5. 

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